Middle School Math

Tuesday May 16

MATH:  7th had a quiz today

6th:  Chapter 8 Test tomorrow!  Make sure your notes are complete.  If not, look in your book to complete them.  Look over notes tonight and tomorrow morning for a few minutes.  Be sure all that vocab is fresh!

Monday May 15th

Wow!  I can’t believe this year is almost over but…. we are still working hard!

7th:  p. 484 9-12, 19, 20, 22-27, 29-32        We will have a quiz over Chapter 9 sections 1 – 4  tomorrow or Wed.

6th:  p. 494 8-14, 19-21    Test over Chapter 8 on Wednesday

8th:  ONLY 11 days of math left.  Work hard.  Finish strong!



April 28


7th: No homework           Looking ahead:  Chapter 8 Test will be next Thursday

6th: p. 462  7-17, 19-24, 27-35  DUE Monday

MAP testing is next Tuesday.  The times are roughly when the students have math.


April 24, 2017


7th:  8-5C, p. 420 7-16, 20, 22-25  and review page

6th:  p. 450  7-15, 23-29      Frog’s Chair page (if not done)    Review page 14-20

Wed April 12th

First:  Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped with Stations of the Cross.  It was a beautiful and prayer experience.  I heard many compliments from people who attended.


7th:  We started Chapter 8 today.  Please check the portal for any missing work and get made up ASAP.

6th:  We have completed sections 1 – 4 of Chapter 7.  The students have both a note and a homework packet.  Please check to be sure notes are filled out and homework is completed.  See me during study hall or ask a friend if you have been absent to get the notes or for homework help.  Check the portal for missing work.   QUIZ coming next week!

Religion:  Chapter 9 test tomorrow.  STUDY!  Packet is due tomorrow too.

Have a blessed Easter.


Friday 3/17


6th:  Algebra Antics #19 due Monday.  Also 12-3 worksheet if not done.

Equation solving quiz on Monday.  Short review before lunch – quiz after lunch.

7th:  Quiz on Wed over Chapter 7 so far.  7-4C, 7-4PS and book due Monday.

Religion:  Packets due Monday.  Be ready to hand them in.



Tuesday March 14


6th:  Worksheet 12-2A  and Algebra Antics #13

7th:  Worksheet 7-2C


Test Thursday over Chapter 8   STUDY!



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