Middle School Math

Wed Nov 15


6th:  Homework

page 106  21-28, 53, 54, 59-63   Factor Tree 12, 13, 15, 36, 37  Birthday Cake 9, 11, 30, 31

7th:  WS 4 – 8 C    Chapter 4 Test will probably be Monday


Mon 10/16


6th:  p. 44 6-13, 14-22 evens, 29-36

7th:  Chapter 2 Test tomorrow     Project due Monday

Health:  Comic and rest of journal due tomorrow.

Wed 10/11


6th:  Worksheet 1-8 due tomorrow

We will review tomorrow and have a quiz on Friday for Chapter 1 so far!

7th:  Chapter 2 project assigned today.  We will have some work time in class the next couple of days.  Due Oct 23rd            Chapter 2 Test coming up on Tuesday 10/17.

Health:  Journal 2 with cartoon due next Tuesday 10/17.  Please take your time and make it neat and legible.

Religion 8K:  Some people are missing Chapter 16 review sheet.  Please hand in.

MIDTERMS COMING UP NEXT TUESDAY.  Get your missing work in!



Thursday 10/4


6th:  p. 36  1-6, 7-11 odd, 12-13, 14-20 even, 22-27   This is due next Tuesday because of Marathon and BizTown. However, I would strongly encourage doing it sooner rather than later so it is not forgotten.

7th:  p. 82  15-36 x 3, 48-51, 53

Religion:  Test tomorrow before Mass.   Review sheet due then too!

Wed 10/4


6th:  p. 32  2-36 even, 40- 45   Write the expression and show how you substitute the numbers for the variables.  Then solve.

7th:  p. 79  30-35   p. 91 13-19, 24-25, 27-29    Show steps.  Do not just type in the calculators.


Friday 9/29


6th:  p. 28 1-8, 18-23  Review for Quiz on Monday over what we have learned so far in chapter 1.       Really BIG Numbers due today.  Make sure it is finished and turned in on Google classroom.  (Remember it is easier to create on a computer than iPad.)

7th:  p. 56 4-10, 15-19, 33-40  Review for Chapter 1 test which will be Monday

8th:  10 Mathematical Things due Monday

REMEMBER:  Check the portal to be sure you don’t have anything missing!

Wed 9/27


6th:  Really BIG Numbers due Friday.  Sample and guidelines are on Google classroom.  Check it to be sure yours is right!

The back of worksheet 1-4A is due tomorrow.

7th:  1-8C and 1-9C  Selected problems are in bold on top of the page.

8th:  Ten Mathematical Things due Monday 10/2


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